The House

Let me give you a little bit of History about me, my family and the House and how it comes it is listed here today.
My father was raised in an old house in the center of Barbentane village. In 1969 he decided to buy a land outside the village. This land was then known by locals as “Les petits Pins” (“The small pine trees”). Working in the construction industry my father wanted to build himself his own house. After two years, working on vacations, evenings, weekends and receiving some advices and help from some colleagues, the House was built.
Early 2000, while I am working for an IT consulting company, I decide to launch a personal project: make this Family Country House a Vacation Home for myself and my Guests all year long.
After 5 years, working on vacations, some weekends and receiving some advices and help from my father and my mother, the Vacation Home was completed!
The Villa and the Garden went through renovations and upgrades meeting main requirements: keep true to the natural setting of La Montagnette and Provence, be comfortable, easy living, spacious and secure.
Welcome and Enjoy your stay in your Vacation Home in Provence.