Gâteau des Rois (“Kings’ Cake”)

EpiphanyFor Epiphany in Provence the tradition is to share with your family and friends a “Gâteau des Rois” (Kings’ cake).
January is the only time when you can buy the traditional “Gateau des Rois” (Kings’ Cake). The traditional “Gateau des Rois” in Provence is a round Big Bagel shaped brioche cake with candies fruits, orange blossom water and sprinkled with crystal sugar. The tiny figurine hidden inside represents a Santon of the Christmas crib of Provence.
In Paris and other areas in France the traditional cake for Epiphany is a “Galette”, a pie filled with frangipane (almond paste).

My favorite place to buy the best “Gateau des Rois” (and any amazing pastries, chocolates, etc.) is Jouvaud Bakery store located minutes away from the House in Capsud Shopping Center in Avignon (http://www.patisserie-jouvaud.com/)